Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivation Monday- Jamie De La Rosa

As my first Motivation Monday post I decided I wanted to feature Jamie DeLaRosa for SO many reason. I had the privilege of watching Jamie prepare for the Phil Heath Classic with TJ and her drive, determination and passion for fitness inspired me more than she will ever know. Jamie simply has no excuses for why she cant or wont accomplish her goals she just makes it work. I asked Jamie a series of questions which I have listed below with her responses. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
"I grew up in a small town, finished my undergraduate and graduate degree in five years, I work for a global oil and gas company and I love what I do. I have two kids and I am married to my best friend and biggest supporter."
What made you decide to get into fitness?
"My best friend competed in a Figure Competition and motivated me to compete. I had made my mind up to enter a show.....then I got pregnant with my daughter. I ate clean for the most part during my pregnancy so didnt think I would have far to go....but once I had her, my body had changed. All of my problem areas were different. I tried to start with a "weight" goal or an "Im going to fit back in these jeans" goal...but those didnt stick. I "played" too much. So I found a coach and a local show and that became my new goal. I entered the Branch Warren Classic and six weeks later was on stage."
What keeps you motivated?
"Lots of things motivate me. Seeing girls that I compete with and improvements that they have made, working hard on one of my problem areas and seeing small changes...My husband and I teach a boot camp and his clients motivate me. They work hard and laugh and smile and make it fun....My kids. You can tell how proud they are. My daughter poses better than I do! Seeing how healthy eating around them helps them make better choices really motivates me. If I give my son a choice between ice cream or fruit, he chooses fruit every time. During this last prep, I tried to take the easy way out one night and asked them if they wanted to order pizza. My son replied, "NO...I want steak and spinach" How do you say no to that?! They teach me that food is just food....Definitely my husband and his work ethic (for our family, for his job, and in the gym) is like no one Ive ever met. He is the definition of a beast. His latest "off-season" really motivated me because of the changes he has made to his physique through all his hard work and dedication."
What has been the hardest part of making a lifestyle change?
"The mental aspect. Its just food and food is fuel if you want the body youre working for. I was shoveling in cheesecake on the first conference call with my first coach...just because "Im going to start my diet and Ill never have this again". I still have to remind myself that I am not "depriving" myself and I can make my food taste good. I still have a healthy social life and take my kids to birthday parties, ect. while living this lifestyle"
What do you think is important for anyone interested in improving their health and fitness to know ahead of time?
"You have to be mentally ready. Yo-yoing makes it worse. Make your mind up, dive strait in and do no deviate from your plan. Git it a chance to work (it will not happen over night). There is not a magic pill or magic food. It will work but it takes time. Diets that have you dropping weight quickly usually do not yield sustainable results and are not typically healthy."
What is a typical day like for you/how do you fit it all in?
"4:30AM: Wake up and do fasted cardio (cardio on an empty stomach). I used to hate this but I have grown to love it. It is my time to be alone and wake up (I am not a morning person so I literally wear my workout clothes to bed...roll out and hit the treadmill). 
6:00AM: Wake up my son for school- Make our breakfast and his lunch. Jump in the shower while he eats and see him off to school.
7:00AM: Pack up my daughter's and my stuff and drop her off.
7:30AM: Work. I work for a large global oil and gas company as a business analyst. My job is very demanding. During month end, I will sometimes be at work until midnight. It can be difficult to get my meals in because of all of the meetings. I have been know to bring my chicken and green beans in a Styrofoam cup and bring it out to eat during the meeting. I eat every three hours unless I have to adjust around meetings. 
5:00PM: Head to the gym for weights... My favorite part is that my kids love going so it is family time too.
7:00PM: Head home to do homework, baths, play with my kids and get ready for the next day.
10:00PM: Bed...Hopefully
On Monday and Wednesday I teach an outdoor boot camp at 6:30pm. I love our EFit group. They bring their best every single time."
Tell us a little bit about EFit and why having accountability partners is so important.
"EFit is AWESOME! My husband is an online nutrition coach on the side. When we moved here we started teaching a boot camp on Saturday mornings. It has grown and at one point we would have 50-60 per class. It is more like a family than a job. We have a private Facebook group where we all post...It is very inspiring and uplifting. This group allows for Erik's clients that are out of town and cannot attend boot camp to be involved too and have a network of support. I cannot describe the support everyone in the group gives. I love this group."
Is there anything else you would like to share or think would be beneficial to the readers?
"Keep your head up! If you start a healthy lifestyle and fail at some point...get up, dust off and start again. Do not give up! Get a good support group, dont fall for fad diets (save yourself the time and headache). If you have been dieting and not seeing results see a nutritionist who will make a detailed plan based on your body type and goals. It makes a big difference. Being healthy is not only about looking good it is about feeling good and being healthy inside and out."

I hope all of you took something from my interview with Jamie. She and her husband have been such a blessing in mine and my husbands life the past few months and she has shown me that no matter what your circumstances may be finding time to take care of yourself is not only possible but necessary. If any of you are interested in learning more about the EFit Program please check out Erik DeLaRosa's Athlete Page , "Like" and message him any of your questions. Also, for those of my loyal local followers, their boot camps are every Saturday morning at 9:00am in Bridge City. The fee is $10.00 or $30.00 a month (You must pay the first Saturday of the month for the $30.00) Anyone can attend and your first time is free. I recommend going, trying it out and meeting Jamie and her husband, they are awesome!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spaghetti Squash Italian Casserole

As much as I wish I could take credit for this recipe, sadly, my cousin Jessica is the mastermind behind this delicious recipe. In fact, I ate my bowl so fast I didn't take a picture of it so I had to have her send me the one above via cell phone. The picture doesn't do it justice (seriously) it is delicious!
What You Need:
1 Small Spaghetti Squash
1 Container Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
1 Tomato (Diced)
1 Onion (Diced)
1 Bell Pepper (Diced)
1 lb. Ground Turkey Meat
1 Jar Prego Chunky Garden Sauce
Italian Blend Shredded Cheese
Italian Seasoning (Any Brand)
1. Cut spaghetti squash in half, scoop out seeds and spray with olive oil. Lay it on baking pan with the inside (cut side) facing down and bake for one hour on 350 degrees. 
2. In sauce pan sauté mushrooms, tomato, onion and bell pepper until tender.
 3. Brown ground turkey in separate skillet. Season generously with Italian seasoning.
4. Combine ground turkey, spaghetti squash ,sautéed vegetables and add Prego sauce.
5. Pour into small baking dish and cover with Italian Blend Shredded Cheese.
6. Bake on 350 degrees until cheese is melted.
Though this recipe is not entirely clean it is low carb and tasted delicious. Something the whole family will love!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Clean Stir Fry

What You Need:

1 Bag- Frozen Shrimp 
3 Cups- Brown Rice or Quinoa 


1. Thaw frozen shrimp and cook in skillet. (set aside)
2. Pour half bottle of Teriyaki Marinade over shrimp.
3. Cook brown rice or quinoa according to the instructions. 
4. Pour frozen vegetables in pot with small amount of water, cook covered until tender, and drain.
5. Mix all ingredients and add additional marinade to taste. 
**You can substitute chicken for shrimp or use both. I have not been able to find the Teriyaki Marinade in stores so mine was purchased off line. I added a hint of pepper to mine to give it some spice at the end but its totally up to your personal preference.**

Monday, March 17, 2014

Phil Heath Classic 2014-TJs First NPC Show

TJ competed in his firs NPC show this weekend. When we picked which show he was going to compete in we picked the Phil Heath Classic because it was the closest show and fit in with his timeline to prepare. Little did we know, that the show would have over 700 competitors & would be the largest national qualifying show in the NPC. There were so many talented competitors there and you could really tell how hard many of them worked preparing for the show. The week before the show was filled with lots of anticipation and so many questions about the how, what, where, when & why's of competing. Thankfully TJ had an AWESOME coach Erik Delarosa who was there to answer any question we had and provided TJ with so much support it was unbelievable. Erik and his wife, Jamie, who you will see in my first fitness feature next Moday; have been such amazing friends & supporters, we could never repay them for everything they have done for us. Seeing TJ on stage being recognized for all of his hard work & dedication was so surreal to me. About a year ago, TJ told me his dream would be to compete and do fitness of Saturday half of that dream came true for him. Watching him on stage made me so proud. Here are some pictures from the competition. 

Sorry for the red glare the lighting on stage made it hard to get quality pictures. 

We are so thankful to everyone who came out to support TJ during the competition. I wish he could have gotten a picture with everyone who was there but hopefully we will at the next competition. 
TJ ended up placing 7th in his class which, in our opinion, is awesome for his first show. He achieved his goal of getting first call outs so next time we will set our sights a little higher but we are VERY pleased with how this show turned out. 


TJ's Photo Shoot

Before TJ's competition we decided we would have a photo shoot done. We had the opportunity to work with Thomas Coffman, an AMAZING photographer who really made the photo shoot an enjoyable experience for us. I highly recommend anyone looking for an awesome fitness/misc. photographer use him. Check out his Facebook Page to see more of his images and for his contact info. 

I mean.....YALL.....isnt he just the most?! Hahahaha. I am so proud of all of his hard work & I cannot brag on these pictures enough. Thomas did an AMAZING job & really made us feel comfortable. We shot the first pictures at the MetroFlex Gym in Houston and the second pictures in a water fall sculpture also in Houston. When we were at the waterfall cars of women were stopping and taking pictures of TJ with their phones!!! SO FUNNY. You could definitely say I am a proud wife. 

Where the heck have I been?!

I am SO sorry I havent been updating my posts the past couple of weeks. So much has been going on it is unbelievable. Helping TJ prep for his show has been a much bigger task than I ever thought it would be but I wouldnt have changed it for anything in this world. Since TJ is also a full time student, he would get up at 4:00am for fasted cardio, go to school from 7:30am-5:30pm, tan, train, then come home to study before bed. I have no idea how he did it but he did and I pretty much did everything else so he could focus on school and training. Being by his side throughout this process has been so rewarding! I am so proud of him and I am so thankful that Riley has such a determined and dedicated father to look up to. I am looking forward to life going back to normal for a while. TJ has decided not to compete again this year and just to focus on school and bulking up a bit before next competition season. I am so excited to have more time to focus on my training and blogging! Thank you all so much for the support and be looking forward to some pretty exciting posts to come. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Motivation Monday

I am absolutely loving all of the amazing feed back and encouragement I have been getting from all of you who read this blog. I have been thinking a lot lately about how to further inspire you and give a little bit back to some of you so I have decided to start sharing some of your stories! If any of you have, or know of someone who has, an inspirational transformation story I would love to hear about it and share it with the rest of my readers. This is an opportunity for anyone who has committed to making a lifestyle change and seen the results of that change. I want to hear from those of you who have lost weight, are naturally thin and struggled to gain muscle, and those who are making time for their health and well being despite the jam packed schedules so many of us have. I want to hear from men and women who participate in all different types of exercise because there are so many fun ways to stay fit that do not involve just going to the gym! 
I would love to have an amazing story to share every Monday! If you are interested in some extra accountability while inspiring others this is the perfect opportunity for you. Email me at the email above and tell me a little about your journey!
My first feature will be posted March 17, 2014.