Monday, April 28, 2014

Series of Unfortunate Events

Well...I haven't updated my blog in a while. Reason being---life has been CRAZY!!! So much has been going on. You name it, it has happened. From Riley being sick, unnecessary drama from petty people, TJ putting 110% into finishing his semester in the Fire Academy strong, working two jobs & having to move out of our house last minute....things have been hectic. I am not going to elaborate on anything but the whole moving situation. Basically, due to some circumstances outside of our control this past week TJ had to make the decision for us to move to separate ourselves from a bad situation. I could not be more proud of the husband and father he has become. My parents have graciously allowed us to stay with them until TJ finishes school so we can save some money and, since I am working so much, help TJ with the baby while I am busy. Though it is not ideal, I am so excited for Riley to see them every day. My parents lived with my grandpa for six months after I was born and he and I are so close as a result of that. I am hoping she will share that same experience with them. We will be finished moving by next weekend and things are settling finally settling down. Riley is in good health, the attention seeking overly dramatic people have been removed from our lives, and TJ is going to graduate soon. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to extend a special thank you to our friends and family for being SO incredibly supportive of us during this time we could not have made it without you all. 

Easter Weekend 2014

We spent Easter weekend at my family's beach cabin this year. Riley was not feeling well the week before Easter but thankfully woke up Sunday morning feeling much better and was able to enjoy some of her Easter toys.
The Easter bunny was GOOD to Miss  Riley this year. I know it definitely seems overboard, however, we have been picking things up here and there for a couple of months that she either needed or would need in the near future & saving them for Easter.
 We have had her Easter outfit since before she was born. I absolutely LOVE the ruffles!!

Slightly obsessed with Riley's swimming outfit lol. The hat was a gift from TJs parents. She wears it every weekend and the sunglasses and swimsuit were from the "Easter Bunny".
Riley has recently developed a love of the water. She loves baths & since the water at the beach is so gross we decided to get her a baby pool for the porch at the cabin. She LOVED it.
He Uncle Layne & Aunt Cynthia got her a swing for the porch. If I would have let her she would have stayed in it all day! I feel so blessed to have such loving and supportive people around Riley. Her life is full of excellent role models and I could not be more thankful for that.