Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finally a Fitness Post!

Ahhhh it feels so good to finally be sitting here & typing a fitness update. The last few months have been such an emotional & physical roller coaster. I have been up, I have been down & everywhere in between. Check out my Life Lately post for more of an explanation. I am so thankful to finally feel at home again in my lifestyle. I experimented with training with a coach and stepping outside of the box in regards to my diet and workout, however, it didnt exactly work out well for me. I love to eat clean but when it comes to being on a diet plan the repetition kills me. Could I do it? Absolutely. Will I enjoy it? Absolutely NOT. So from this point forward I am sticking to doing this because I love it & enjoy it and not trying to conform my training and eating habits into what the ideal norm is in the fitness world. As I have stated in a previous post, I LOVE to lift heavy weight. I enjoy knowing that this week I lifted more than I could last week. I HATE cardio. Doing an hour of fasted cardio & an hour of post weight training cardio is simply not for me. Who has that much time to be away from their kids??? Seriously....though. I got back up to 186lbs. I am not sure if it was the stress of watching TJ struggle or if it was the fact that my body hated what I was putting it through but something wasnt working. Since I have decided to go back to my roots and stay true to my passion for weights and clean eating but enjoying a variety of food I have seen a HUGE difference. 
The photo on the left was taken after I had dropped about 6lbs. (Took about two weeks) The picture on the right was 5 days after the other one. I have only been doing 15-20 min of cardio 3 or 4 days a week. Sometimes I do steady state cardio and sometimes I run sprints in my backyard. This is just a post to kind of give you an update on what my body is looking like and where I am re-starting from! TJ and I have decided to schedule a photo shoot together at the end of October so for the next 9 weeks ill be sharing my journey with you all! 


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